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Dialer Software automatisiert die Telefonwahl für Callcenter und Verkaufsteams.

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von Five9

(312 Bewertungen)
Triple your live phone connections with Five9's Auto Dialer that outperforms other dialers available today. Intelligent algorithms ensure the next caller is available when the next agent is ready. Automate the dialing process, skip no-answers and busy signals, and spend more time talking to live leads, with easily adjustable dialing modes. Manage your lists and campaigns, monitor calls, report in real-time, coach agents and comply with TCPA. See why Five9 is the industry leader. Erfahre mehr über Five9 Five9 Cloud Contact Center - Predictive, Power, Progressive and Preview Dialers, Inbound, Chat, Call Recording, and CRM integrations. Erfahre mehr über Five9

von Genesys

(59 Bewertungen)
Erfahre mehr über Genesys PureCloud PureCloud macht Kundenbeziehungen einfach. Wir verbinden Telefon, E-Mail und Chat durch ein einziges Tool für eine bessere Kundenbindung. Erfahre mehr über Genesys PureCloud

von PhoneBurner

(86 Bewertungen)
Have More LIVE Conversations in 15-Minutes Guaranteed! We're so confident you'll boost outbound sales with our power dialer, you can use our full product for FREE without a credit card. Here's why we're confident: 1) Dial leads 4x faster 2) No awkward pauses after contact answers 3) Drop voicemails/emails in 1-click 4) Automate post call workflows 5) No special equipment needed. Powerful yet easy to use! Erfahre mehr über PhoneBurner Cloud-based power dialer. Reach up to 80 contacts per hour w/ NO awkward pause. No set up fees. Free trial (no credit card needed). Erfahre mehr über PhoneBurner

von OPC Marketing

(19 Bewertungen)
What makes SpitFire different than other predictive dialers? SpitFire Enterprise is the only contact center software offering: Cloud, Premise or Hybrid call center solutions. 5 dialing modes: Predictive, Fixed Rate, Quick Connect, Preview & Manual Dialing options! Integrate your CRM or PBX or use the SpitFire API to fully customize your call center. OPC Marketing is all under one roof in Addison, Texas where we develop, we deliver and we support! Erfahre mehr über SpitFire Predictive Dialer SpitFire Enterprise Call Center Software: Easy to Install, Operate & Upgrade. Agents can login for anywhere in the world on any device. Erfahre mehr über SpitFire Predictive Dialer

von Star2Billing

(4 Bewertungen)
Eine SMS- und Voice-Rundfunk-Auto-Dialer-Lösung für die Generierung flexibler Outbound-IVR und Press-1-Lead-Übertragung. Newfies-Dialer ist für Marketing, Marktforschung, Meinungsumfragen und Abstimmungen verwendet. Die Software beinhaltet Anrufabrechnung für Telefongesellschaften, die ihren Kunden Sprachübertragung anbieten wollen. Erfahre mehr über Newfies-Dialer Eine SMS- und Voice-Rundfunk-Auto-Dialer-Lösung für die Generierung flexibler Outbound-IVR und Press-1-Lead-Übertragung. Erfahre mehr über Newfies-Dialer

von Convoso

(11 Bewertungen)
Perfect for 10+ users - Free Trial. Get the highest connection rate with our Auto Dialer designed to convert more leads faster. Now you can call, email, and text your leads in a single platform. You can also reduce headcount by at least 20% through our artificial intelligence agent which will pre-qualify your leads using a real human's voice, but without any human interaction. Erfahre mehr über Convoso Auto Dialer Perfect for 10+ users-Free Trial. Get the highest contact rate with our artificial intelligence Auto Dialer & convert more leads faster Erfahre mehr über Convoso Auto Dialer

von Castel Communications

(2 Bewertungen)
Castel Maestro empowers contact centers with the ability to align operations with the requirements of TCPA and state and local calling restrictions. Our manual dialing approach allows your contact center agents to dial and service customers in a manner that increases productivity. Castel Maestro provides TCPA risk mitigation, a robust compliance engine, enhanced productivity, detailed reporting, campaign strategy features, and time zone validation, among other valuable capabilities. Erfahre mehr über Castel Maestro Castel Maestro is a full-featured blended contact center solution with an automated dialer, delivering performance and compliance. Erfahre mehr über Castel Maestro

von Pimsware

(21 Bewertungen)
$125 per user per month unlimited outbound minutes. Enterprise class call center suite hosted predictive outbound, inbound and blended auto dialer. Designed to only deliver live calls to your agents. Answer machines, disconnected number, operator intercepts are handled by the dialer without impacting an agent's productivity. Erfahre mehr über PIMS Dialer $125 per user per month unlimited outbound minutes. Enterprise class call center suite hosted predictive outbound, inbound and blended Erfahre mehr über PIMS Dialer

von CallTools

(70 Bewertungen)
Don't settle for anything less than sophistication. At this point in the game, amplified call volume from a predictive dialer should be a given. Your time deserves respect as well. CallTools.com's predictive dialing solution was made by business owners, for business owners. Our top-tier, in-house customer support actually answers your calls and walks you through troubleshooting. Shouldn't your company's time matter, too? Erfahre mehr über Predictive Dialer Cloud-Based, Feature-Packed Predictive Dialing Solution for SMB to Enterprise with In-House Customer Support and Development Teams. Erfahre mehr über Predictive Dialer

von OnTimeTelecom

(19 Bewertungen)
DialMyCalls lets you easily send a phone call, text message, and/or email to a group of people instantly. With our web-based system you simply add your contacts, record a message, and send it out! You'll get a complete detailed report showing what happened on every single call or text message. We also offer advanced features like polling, Push To Connect, RSVPing, Push To Record, and a variety of other features. Try us out for free today and see why so many people choose us! Erfahre mehr über DialMyCalls Record and send messages to a list of phone numbers within seconds. Used by schools, churches, and non-profits and many other groups. Erfahre mehr über DialMyCalls

von Sales Sling

(20 Bewertungen)
Sales Sling's cloud based auto dialer offers the latest in VOIP dialing technology at an affordable price, no matter your company's size! Choose between auto/power dialing, predictive dialing, and click-to-dial. All of these internet based phone applications come equipped with features like local presence dialing, call time restrictions, on-screen caller details, in depth reporting, powerful call monitoring, and access to a fully customizable call center and lead management system. Erfahre mehr über Sales Sling Increase call volume and decrease downtime with Sales Sling's affordable and powerful auto dialer. Erfahre mehr über Sales Sling

von Voiptime Cloud

(6 Bewertungen)
Voiptime Cloud is the telemarketing software with built-in CRM, comprehensive reporting, website lead capture, and three dialing modes (Preview, Power, Predictive). Our software ensures up to 20 concurrent calls per agent, which is a perfect environment for maximum productivity. Analyze call campaigns, oversee the performance of your team, and improve business processes with us! Its easy implementation and impressive capabilities were designed for your success. Enjoy the capabilities of Voiptime Erfahre mehr über Voip PowerDialer PowerDialer is the telemarketing & call center software with lead management system, inbound calls, and powerful auto dialer features. Erfahre mehr über Voip PowerDialer
Are you tired of being disappointed with poor connections, downtime, lag, and finger pointing when you escalate an issue? Ideal for telemarketing to the USA with 5 or more agents, we outshine the competition by continually adding new features; making the system simpler to use which saves time and money. Our support is outstanding and free. Contact us today and let's talk about the benefits so you can make the right decision and buy with confidence. Erfahre mehr über CallShaper's Predictive Dialer Dialer + ACD Inbound, IVR, QA, 20 Lines/agent, Built in soft-phone, TCPA Compliant, 99.999% uptime, API, WebHooks, No Set-up fees Erfahre mehr über CallShaper's Predictive Dialer

von Integra CCS

(21 Bewertungen)
uContact is an All-in-One contact center solution. Our unique one-on-one customer service makes us perfect for small to medium call centers. Rather than relying on multiple applications we will offer you: - Dialers (Inbound & Outbound) - SMS, Email & Webchat in a Unified Inbox - A Call Center Designed CRM - Completely Customizable Reporting - Gamification - Recording - Voice Broadcasting - Quality Control - Live Coaching (Spy, Whisper, Collaborate) - Many More Features & an Open API Erfahre mehr über uContact Beautiful Contact Center Solution / Multichannel / All in One - Dialers - IVR - SMS - Web Chat - Social Networks - Messaging and more!! Erfahre mehr über uContact

von LiveVox

(5 Bewertungen)
LiveVox ist ein führender Anbieter von Cloud-Kontaktcenter-Lösungen für Unternehmen (über 25 Agenten) und verwaltet jährlich mehr als 12 Milliarden Interaktionen in einer Multichannel-Umgebung. Mit mehr als 15 Jahren reiner Cloud-Expertise befähigt das Unternehmen Kontaktcenter-Verantwortliche, effektive Engagement-Strategien auf den Weg zu bringen. Die führenden Risikominderungs- und Sicherheitsfunktionen helfen Kunden, sich schnell an ein sich veränderndes Geschäftsumfeld anzupassen. Erfahre mehr über LiveVox LiveVox ist ein führender Anbieter von Cloud-Kontaktcenter-Lösungen für Unternehmen, die eine Multichannel-Umgebung nutzen. Erfahre mehr über LiveVox

von ChaseData

(117 Bewertungen)
ChaseData's cloud based Call Center Solution offers leading edge technology and value for call centers with 5 or more agents. Superior performance, customer service, and user friendly interfaces make ChaseData the clear choice for your business needs. Outbound predictive dialing, queued progressive dialing and managed preview dialing are combined in one powerful software suite which easily integrates with a multitude of third party applications. Contact us today to request a free demo. Erfahre mehr über CallCenterNOW Feature-rich, flexible, hosted call center software (inbound and outbound) that is very easy to deploy, manage and use everyday. Erfahre mehr über CallCenterNOW

von CrazyCall

(34 Bewertungen)
Cloud-Telefonie für Call Center und Vertriebsprofis, auf die du direkt in deinem Browser zugreifen kannst, ohne dass eine Installation oder eine komplexe Abrechnung erforderlich ist. Alles was du brauchst, ist eine Nummer auszuwählen und Interessenten anzurufen! Du kannst damit den Vertrieb organisieren und verwalten, die Qualität ihrer Anrufe kontrollieren, Kosten reduzieren, Teledialog-Kampagnen integrieren und automatisieren. CrazyCall ist auch eine einfach zu verwendende Plattform zur Verkaufsförderung, welche die Call-Investitionsrendite steigert und bei der Umwandlung von Websites hilft. Erfahre mehr über CrazyCall Wählhilfe für Call Center und Verkaufsteams. Erfahre mehr über CrazyCall

von Call-Em-All

(27 Bewertungen)
Call-Em-All provides voice broadcasting, mass texting and text conversations to a variety of organizations looking to deliver important messages to groups and individuals. No marketing, political, or fundraising messages are allowed on the platform. Call-Em-All has been in business since 2005, is privately held, and uses a platform developed fully in-house. Erfahre mehr über Call-Em-All More than 10,000 organizations use automated calling and text messaging services to quickly deliver messages to their contact groups. Erfahre mehr über Call-Em-All

von Ytel

(22 Bewertungen)
Cloud contact center platform to manage campaigns and live contacts. Ideal for inbound & outbound multi-channel campaigns with 10+ agents. Autodial, track lists and volume, distribute and monitor calls. Accessible anywhere. Easy set up, customizable & supported by customer service 24/7. Analytics and reports come standard. Powerful CRM integration and API solutions, RVM, VB and SMS including short code, toll-free and local numbers nationwide. Always quality connections & outcomes with Ytel. Erfahre mehr über Ytel Cloud contact center platform ideal for inbound, outbound and blended multi-channel campaigns. Highest quality calls and connections. Erfahre mehr über Ytel

von Double A Solutions

(7 Bewertungen)
Call Logic helps sales teams close more deals by streamlining their phone calling campaigns. With Call Logic, small businesses can multiply the number of outbound calls by over 3 times. This will ensure that their sales staff is working efficiently through their follow-up routine with clients and past cilents. Request a free demo or trial today and see how Call Logic can help you streamline your sales process while increasing productivity and employee performance! Erfahre mehr über Call Logic Call your leads and close more deals. Monitor the process of your leads through the sales process. Free 30-day trial account! Erfahre mehr über Call Logic

von CallSquad

(3 Bewertungen)
Outbound-Call-Kampagnen-Software für Teams vor Ort und Remote-Teams. Die Entwickler haben sich darauf konzentriert, Effizienz und Spaß in das Outbound-Calling zu bringen, was das Geschäftswachstum antreibt und die Mitarbeiterbindung verbessert. Die Kunden nutzen CallSquad für Zwecke wie Verkaufsentwicklung, Lead-Qualifizierung, Einwilligung zum Marketing, Rekrutierung und Einladungen zu Veranstaltungen. Erfahre mehr über CallSquad Outbound-Call-Kampagnen-Software für Teams – schnell zu übernehmen und einfach zu skalieren. Erfahre mehr über CallSquad

von Agile CRM

(292 Bewertungen)
Agile CRM Auto-Dialer-Software hilft beim Automatisieren, Optimieren und Verwalten deiner Telefon-Reichweite. Mit der branchenführenden Power Dialer-Funktion von Agile CRM kannst du die Kundeninteraktion auf eine neue Ebene heben. Wähle mehrere Kontakte aus und rufe sie, einen nach dem anderen, an, entweder automatisch oder manuell. Erfahre mehr über Agile CRM Agile CRM ist eine komplette Verkaufs-, Marketing- und Service-Suite, die es Kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen ermöglicht, wie die Fortune 500 zu verkaufen und zu vermarkten. Erfahre mehr über Agile CRM

von CallFire

(19 Bewertungen)
Put your outbound dialing into overdrive with CallFire's Cloud Call Center. Simply upload your contacts, and in minutes, CallFire's Power Dialer will connect your sales agents to live leads. CallFire can call up to 4 phone lines per agent and will leave answering machine messages. CallFire saves time by weeding out busy signals, bad phone numbers, and handling answering machines. Agents focus on speaking with live customers, leading to 20-30% increases in efficiency over manual dialing. Put your outbound dialing into overdrive with - upload contacts and in minutes, CallFire will connect your sales agents to live leads!

von One Call Now

(6 Bewertungen)
One Call Now is Americas largest message notification provider. Thousands of schools, businesses, churches, and organizations across the country rely on One Call Now to improve and simplify their groups communications sending voice, text and email messages to thousands of members simultaneously. Founded in 2002, One Call Now has been listed on Inc. Magazines list of fastest growing privately held companies in America since 2008. When messages matter, we deliver. Group messaging provider for schools, churches, non-profits, business and other organizations. Send voice, email and text all at once.

von InterCloud9

(1 Bewertung)
InterCloud9's web based Call distribution platform will put your call center in over drive. With our industry leading dialing ratio, blended inbound and outbound call routing and integrated CRM our web based predictive dialer and call center solution will do just that. We boast the highest connection rates in the industry try our Free Trial today and see what you've been missing. Call distribution platform for outbound and inbound calls with in-built CRM and agent monitoring for remote multi-agent call centers.

von DialSource

(1 Bewertung)
DialSource is an enterprise sales acceleration engine and voice communications platform. Sales and service teams use DialSource to dramatically increase productivity, engage in smarter sales conversations, gain predictive insights and coach reps to success faster than ever before. The company's powerful and easy-to-use native application is consistently cited as the top solution for teams using Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. DialSource is an enterprise sales acceleration engine and voice communications platform native in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

von ICT Innovations

(4 Bewertungen)
An advance unified autodialer and call center software solution featuring voice broadcasting, fax blasting , sms messaging, press 1 campaign, survey campaign, appointment reminder, inbound marketing, inbound survey and press 1 campaign , polling , advance repoting and monitoring, billing , routing, rating , AMD, DNC and custom campaigns using IVR Designer and many other features A unified autodialer and advance call center software solution supporting inbound / outbound Voice, Fax , SMS and Email technologies

von ConnectLeader

(5 Bewertungen)
ConnectLeader Click Dialer solves these issues with easy-to-use auto dialing software. Click Dialer is not a standalone phone dialer or power dialer solution, its a sales dialer embedded within Salesforce.com, allowing sales agents to place calls without having to manually dial. Our one-click-dialer leverages Salesforce.com to improve productivity by allowing the sales agent to view all the relevant sales lead generation information, while simultaneously dialing through call lists. Click Dialer is a Click-to-Call Auto Dialing Software for Salesforce. Increase Productivity up to 30%

von USAutodialer

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Make thousands of calls every day and prescreen potential clients for you automatically. Make thousands of calls every day and prescreen potential clients for you automatically.

von Noble Systems

(7 Bewertungen)
Noble Systems Corporation is a global leader in the customer communications industry, providing innovative solutions for Contact Center, Workforce Management, and Analytics technologies since 1989. Noble offers inbound, outbound and blended omnichannel communications, strategy planning, resource management, and compliance tools for companies of all sizes. Tens of thousands of agents worldwide use Nobles premise, cloud, and hybrid platforms to manage millions of customer contacts each day. Noble's omnichannel contact center offers include inbound, outbound, IVR, QA, compliance, advanced analytics, and workforce engagement.

von Genesys

(59 Bewertungen)
PureCloud ist die All-in-one-Cloud-Contact-Center-Lösung der nächsten Generation, mit der du Omnichannel-Interaktionen in einer nahtlosen Customer Journey verwalten und verstehen kannst. Gib deinen Mitarbeitern ein einziges Tool, das alle Kommunikation, Sprache, Chat, E-Mail, Social Media und vieles mehr beinhaltet. Eine intuitive Benutzeroberfläche macht die Bedienung sehr einfach. Schnelle Innovation sorgt dafür, dass du die Kundenerwartungen heute und morgen übertreffen. PureCloud ist einfach kraftvoll und kraftvoll einfach. PureCloud macht Kundenbeziehungen einfach. Verbindet Telefon, E-Mail und Chat über ein Tool für eine bessere Kundenbindung.

von Genesys

(59 Bewertungen)
The Genesys PureCloud platform is the next-generation, all-in-one cloud contact centre solution that helps you manage and understand omnichannel interactions in a seamless customer journey. Give your employees a single tool that handles all communications voice, chat, email, text message and more. An intuitive interface makes it easy to use, whether your'e an agent, supervisor or IT administrator. Weekly feature releases ensure you'll exceed customer expectations today and tomorrow. PureCloud makes customer relationships simple. We connect phone, email, and chat through one tool for better customer engagement.
Manage inbound, outbound, blended or multi-channel communications using 3CLogics Cloud Contact Center Solutions. Optimize internal and external communication, as well as customer engagements, with features including: intelligent IVR and multi-channel ACD, predictive dialer, call-recording, dynamic scripting, text-to-speech and extensive reporting and analytics. 3CLogic includes Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and deep integration with ServiceNow, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Manage inbound, outbound, blended or multi-channel communications using 3CLogics Cloud Contact Center Solutions.

von Voicent Communications

(4 Bewertungen)
A phone messaging solution for reaching thousands of people with personalized messages and response options you choose. A phone messaging solution for reaching thousands of people with personalized messages and response options you choose.

von CallOnTheGo

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Mobile automatic dialer software that automatically dials telephone numbers to increase work productivity. Mobile automatic dialer software that automatically dials telephone numbers to increase work productivity.

von A Star Group

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Automated calling application that uses excel worksheets as input in order to easily call and engage customers. Automated calling application that uses excel worksheets as input in order to easily call and engage customers.

von Arbeit Software

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Give your agents crystal clear call quality and simple to use interface to enhance their calling experience. Use custom messaging to create your messages to reach consumers your way and smart call lists to configure your imports one time and save the list for future imports. With live monitoring, see all calls as they happen for unparalleled transparency. Designed by collection agency owners for collection agencies. See why collection agencies trust Arbeit for their auto phone dialer software. With unparalleled quality, top carriers, and customization many agencies are switching to Arbeit Dialer.

von Xenottabyte Services

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Software that increases the productivity of your call center through automatic dialing abilities. Software that increases the productivity of your call center through automatic dialing abilities.

von CSTech

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Automatic call dialer for calling in bulk without actually dialing the number. Automatic call dialer for calling in bulk without actually dialing the number.